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Who is Campus Party?

With 130+ editions worldwide, Campus Party is the largest international experience based on innovation and creativity. It’s the catalyst that brings together courageous businesses, visionary people, close-knit communities, higher education and cutting-edge institutions to make a global community.
The point of reference for new generations on issues of the future and the conscious use of technology to change the world.

Why Enel chooses Campus Party?

To implement the PlayEnergy project, Enel chose Campus Party due to its international presence in more than 15 countries worldwide and its ability to innovate and approach young people through unconventional but engaging activities.
Campus Party plays a leading role in supporting and developing talent, actively contributing to the creation of initiatives that can generate a positive impact on society and people.
In the last edition, more than 20 million young people have been reached worldwide through the channels of Campus Party and its partners, while more than 7 thousands of them created great projects in the PlayEnergy competition.