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PlayEnergy is back with a completely new edition!

It’s a chance to experiment in the classroom with a digital interactive teaching project designed for students aged 14 to 20. PlayEnergy wants to support teachers by providing them with an immersive gaming environment to preview the teaching of the future. At the end of the course, a "Green Education Leader" certificate will be issued by Campus Party!

Download the presentation and learn more about the PlayEnergy digital education project!

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PlayEnergy is a contest where both teachers and students can win prizes. At the heart of the initiative is a gamification mechanism designed to heighten kids' awareness of the issues of sustainability, energy transition, and electrification from renewable sources thanks to a sci-fi story and unforgettable characters.

A new way of teaching and impacting the education of Generation Z.

Enel Play Energy | Teacher 1


The 2021 edition of PlayEnergy was a great success internationally, reaching millions of young people with engaging messages on key environmental issues, forging partnerships with schools and universities in Europe and South America, rousing the support of influencers, and stimulating participants' creativity with exciting challenges and content.

Enel Play Energy | Teacher 2
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