PlayEnergy is an international educational project
that brings students, teachers, parents directly to the heart of energy.

Who is welcome?

Everyone: children, teens, teachers and parents. The project is for all people who want to discover the value of energy, its core meaning, the importance of electricity in its most innovative, hi-tech and sustainable applications.

What happens?

Many things happen in PlayEnergy: the learning opportunities, the chances of exploring are always available. Teachers, students and school receive many materials for reading, playing, sharing in class or at home. The international contest challenges students to imagine a future made of innovation.

Why PlayEnergy?

PlayEnergy was created in order to introduce young people to that fundamental good which illuminates and enhances our lives: energy. In all schools the project promotes the scientific approach, the attention to the environment and the need for an intelligent and responsible use of electricity. Speaking about energy with young people means spreading a culture of shared responsibility based on scientific facts but also taking care of their own future, their career, i.e. their world.

When does it happen?

Since 2003 PlayEnergy is an education milestone in the schools of the countries engaged in the project.

Where does it happen?

PlayEnergy is without borders, speaks many languages and brings science, culture of sustainability, the importance of innovation in thousands of schools. Choose the country and start your journey!